(2019) Became Global Marketing Specialist at Mastercard

(2018) Became CEO of Urban Refuge

(2018) Managed WeMUN Expo in Beijing

(2018) Founded Students for the United Nations

(2017) Became Editor-in-Chief of the International Relations Review

(2017) Worked in British Parliament

(2016) Spoke at the UN General Assembly Hall

(2016) Worked for the Former Attorney General of NSW, Australia

(2015) Published “The Voice of Thunder”

(2015) Named a Coca-Cola Scholar

(2014) Attended Nobel Week in Stockholm, Sweden

(2014) Named 2014 Youth of the Year

(2014) Became Program Coordinator of the Youth Assembly at the UN

(2013) Lobbied on Capitol Hill

(2013) Received Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Award

(2008) Started Global Ambassadors: Interact