Ignite Your Story

I co-authored “Ignite Your Story” with the sponsorship and support of Canon Solutions America and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and am launching the book in May 2021. The majority of proceeds from sales of the book will be donated directly to the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation in order to support more scholarships for accomplished high school students.

Ignite Your Story brings together the stories of 40 Coca-Cola Scholars over a 30-year span and tells the story of how they broke down barriers to accomplish even their wildest dreams. We have a Congressman, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, an NFL coach, the founder of a million dollar business, a globally acclaimed performer and more nonprofit and business founders, authors, researchers than you can count – all in one book. They all have two things in common: they were chosen as Coca-Cola Scholars when they were 17, and they never gave up on chasing their dreams. Part inspiring showcase and part “how to,” the book also includes advice, insights and tricks from these 40 Scholars that can help set anyone on the path to their goals, too. 

So if you’re dreaming of starting a nonprofit, becoming a performer, building a company, writing a book, researching something big…or if you’re just trying to figure out what your dream is….Ignite Your Story is for you.

Learn more and get the book now at igniteyourstory.com

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I was honored to receive the Coca-Cola Scholarship, one of the most competitive college scholarships in the country, in 2015 as a senior in high school. In Atlanta, I made many life-long friends and was inducted into a community of incredible people who prioritize service, innovation, and leadership above all. With 6,000 Coca-Cola Scholars from 31 years, our community of Scholars has many stories of successes in spite of adversity and failures that inspires successes. I believe that these are stories that deserve to be shared, and that they are stories that many others outside the Coca-Cola community can learn from.