International Relations Review

I have been the Editor-in-Chief of Boston University’s International Relations Review since April 2017, and have been writing for the journal since September 2015.

As Editor-in-Chief, I hire and manage staff, oversee layout and design, conduct all marketing and outreach, perform final edits of articles, and write an editorial for each issue. I also planned and ran the first ever International Relations Review Launch Party in Fall 2017.

Articles I have published include:

  • The Rohingya Genocide and Western powers’ unwillingness to commit to a lasting solution to genocide (Fall 2017)
  • The dancers who continue their craft underground in Iran despite the country’s stringent laws against dance (Spring 2016)
  • ISIS’ jihad against “pagan” artifacts and their deep historical significance (Fall 2015)

My photography is also published in many issues of the journal, including on the cover of the Fall 2017 issue.


International Relations Review, Fall 2017

International Relations Review, Spring 2018

International Relations Review, Fall 2018


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When I came to Boston University, I brought REACT News, which I had already been running in my hometown for six years, and worked with the Editor-in-Chiefs at the time to add it to the International Relations Review as its digital news branch.

At the collegiate level, REACT News still serves to educate young people about global issues and give them an outlet in which to discuss them, but we also strive to share the perspectives of a variety of people in the professional world. In the past, we have had Ambassadors, world-famous singers, and professors from various universities give their take on the issues that our world faces.

You can find the full archives of episodes here. See some of my highlight episodes below:


Globalization and Diplomacy with EU Ambassador to the United Nations, Joao Vale De Almeida

“Nordic Ways” with Danish Ambassador to the United States, Lars Gert Lose

A Closer Look at Human Rights with Professor Cingranelli